Develop Your Self-Awareness at Work

A monkey looking at its reflection in a mirror.

Written by Daniel & Rebecca


How are you feeling about work at the moment? How do you want to be feeling?

We designed this FREE Mini Course on Self-Awareness at Work to take you on a journey inwards. To learn the power of introspection, to discover the wisdom of your emotions, and to help you take control of your wants and needs in the workplace (and beyond.)

This Mini Course is for leaders, shift-workers, entrepreneurs, volunteers, politicians, first-jobbers and job-hoppers. AKA everyone who works. 

Whatever your job, whatever your industry, self-awareness at work matters.


Well, self-awareness – the art of knowing yourself – is the core of emotional intelligence.

It’s what helps us to design a life that meets our own needs, to play to our strengths, and to acknowledge where we need support. It helps us to discern between what people say, and how hearing their words leads us to feel.

And it’s a prerequisite for listening well, for practising empathy and for building mutually fulfilling relationships.

You might recognise a bunch of these qualities from the listicles about ‘what makes a great leader in the 21st century’, ‘how to get promoted to your dream job’ and, more generally, ‘how to live a happy, fulfilling life’

Self-awareness at work is no longer a nice-to-have, but a requirement if you want to get ahead.*

This is the era of emotional intelligence.

And the beautiful thing is, developing your self-awareness won’t just benefit your colleagues and your career path, but also your friends, your family and – above all – you.

So give yourself this one hour to set your to-do list aside and focus on you.

One hour. One free workshop. We’ll give you everything you need to tune into yourself.

*Except, perhaps, if ‘getting ahead’ means becoming president. And don’t we all wish that weren’t the case.

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