Meet the Team

Between us, we’ve run team building (and rebuilding) processes for some of the world’s biggest names and some of its freshest faces. From Startup Guide to The European Space Agency, and as leaders of our own teams in London and Latin America, the workshops in this Toolkit have been battle-tested.

Curious about where we’re coming from? Read on.

Rebecca Collins

Rebecca is a relationship coach and facilitator, specialising in Emotional Intelligence. She’s the lead EQ mentor for Google for Startups, and the former Managing Director of London’s first coworking space for wellbeing, personal transformation and social impact. Rebecca has worked with clients like the European Space Agency and MADE, and shares her learnings on integrity in business at events like London Tech Week, Virgin Startups, and World Mental Health Day.

Daniel Ospina

Daniel is a facilitator, team designer, the founder of Conductal, and a visiting lecturer at Oxford University. After a period managing innovation in one of the world’s best restaurants, Daniel has worked with Google, BCG, New North Zealander Hospital and The United Nations, as well as numerous SMEs and startups. His research and insights on the future of teamwork have been featured on platforms like TEDx, Tech Open Air, and Harvard Business Review.

We started in a rough year…

2020 has thrown all of our teams in the pressure cooker. Trust us; your team is not alone in feeling the strain. So far this year we’ve faced cancelled contracts, postponed conferences, and budget cuts all round.

But the beautiful thing about a challenge is that when you add the right balance of support and structure, you come out of it stronger. For us, it gave us the chance to think of better ways to reach the millions of leaders and teams we want to help go further.

That’s why we’re here. And we guess it’s why you’re here too.

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We’ve taken our most successful team development workshops and the leading research into team dynamics and emotional intelligence to bring you the best methods and practices for building trust, inspiring commitment, and sparking high-performance.

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