The Team Rebuilding Toolkit

Unlock Your Team’s Potential

A toolkit of team building workshops that deepen trust, inspire commitment and spark high-performance.


Higher impact than escape rooms

More cost-effective than facilitators

Way less time-consuming than planning your own team building

Your Toolkit for Transformation

Tired of online beers and trivia? We hear you. This year has thrown us challenges on all fronts. It’s no wonder the tension is creeping into teams, and leaders are finding it harder and harder to keep everyone aligned and motivated. But you’re here, because you care.

The Team Rebuilding Toolkit

A step-by-step toolkit of the most effective team development workshops for small teams. Because the beautiful thing about a challenge is that, with the right support, you come out of it stronger.

Build Trust & Communication Skills

Develop emotional intelligence and practise communicating with empathy so you can have deeper, more impactful conversations.

Supercharge Commitment & Motivation

Learn how to align the needs of all your stakeholders, including the wellbeing of your team and your big ambitious goals.

Team Performance

Address your team challenges without blame or finger-pointing. Developing a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation.

How does it work?

Think of the Toolkit like a virtual boardgame. You get everything you need to run 5 transformative team building workshops – instructional videos, step-by-step workshop guides, and collaborative worksheets.

There is no need to hire a facilitator. We’ve automated the facilitation and every workshop is broken down into small, actionable steps. Which means you can focus on participating, and leading by example.

Use the Toolkit at your own pace – as part of a team retreat, a one day intensive, or a few hours a week over the course of a month. It’s up to you.


For 2-12 Participants


Gather your team
Online or Face-to-Face


Five 1-3 Hour Workshops

“Before this, we were on the brink of breaking apart. One week later, we’re brainstorming and pushing forward in a positive way and that’s nothing short of brilliant!”

Chris Lloyd
Cofounder 1781 Collective

What’s Inside?

Trust falls might make you laugh, and there’s a time and a place, but a high-performing team is built on the confidence that you can go further, together.

These are the 5 team building workshops that will take you there. A tried and tested roadmap designed to give you and your team the biggest return on your time.



Develop your emotional intelligence and discover what enables you to thrive at work.




Practise communicating with empathy to deepen an atmosphere of psychological safety.




Find the intersection of your stakeholders’ needs and desires to understand your shared challenge.




Envision your shared potential. Imagine the utopia you can create together.




Design the way you work together, co-creating the culture you need to succeed.


“Before this, we were on the brink of breaking apart. One week later, we’re brainstorming and pushing forward in a positive way and that’s nothing short of brilliant!”

Chris Lloyd
Cofounder 1781 Collective

Everything You Need to Make It Happen

5 All-Inclusive Workshop Guides

11 Instructional Videos Packed with Insights

3 Sets of Collaborative Worksheets

Detailed Agendas for 3 Recommended Formats

Expert Support on Chat

BONUS Coaching Session: One hour 1:1 to support you as a leader

Unlock Your Team’s Potential

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Ultimately, what matters to us most is your team’s success. We want you to turn up to work every Monday with a healthy, productive and committed team. If you try the Toolkit and it doesn’t work for you, let us know within 30 days of your order and we’ll refund you 100%.

Why The Team Rebuilding Toolkit Works

Integrative Learning

We believe in learning by doing. Forget about abstract theories, or training that never goes beyond the classroom. With our Toolkit, you’ll develop new skills and improve your team dynamics in every session.

With Coaching Support

We’re including a 1 hour coaching session to help you, as a leader, make the most out of this process. Bring any questions you might have about your team and professional development and we’ll help you go further.

Backed by Science

We’re mavens. The methods in this Toolkit are battle-tested and backed by 100s of hours combing through evidence-based research in the fields of psychology, organisation design and systems science.

Backed by Experience

We’ve been facilitators for years, and have a knack for breaking complex problems into simple steps. Every workshop in this Toolkit has been battle-tested and refined, so we can give you a fool-proof step-by-step.

Try the First Module, Free

Tried & Tested

The team building workshops in this Toolkit are based on the ones we charge thousands to facilitate at team retreats and strategy days. They’re methods and practices we’ve used with Google for Startups, Boston Consulting Group, Wayra, the Executive Programmes at ESCP and Oxford University, and as leaders within our own teams. 

Together, the Toolkit is a careful combination of Team Development and Emotional Intelligence training, balancing structure and support. We believe it will help you create a happier, more committed and effective team, just as it has done for many others.

Prefer a Facilitator?

Facilitated Workshop

The module of your choice, facilitated by us


The Team Rebuilding Toolkit

Everything you need to unlock your team’s potential



Frequently Asked Questions

My team is remote, will the toolkit still work?

YES. Our Toolkit is remote-friendly. All the exercises can be run face-to-face or on a series of video calls with the team. (We’ve done it ourselves.) And to make it easier, we provide guides with each exercise on how to prepare for both scenarios.

But isn't my situation unique?

Every team is unique, and we don’t pretend to be able to give you all the right answers. That’s why we focus on giving you the tools you need to find your own. We’ve designed this Toolkit to give you the right questions and have seen many teams succeed with it.

How can I trust that this works?

A fair question – if you’re here, it’s because your team is important to you and you’re really invested in rebuilding it. 

We’ve been in this position ourselves after big changes in teams we’ve been leading, and that’s how a lot of this material was first created.

We’ve also facilitated these workshops live, many times, and tested the Toolkit with teams in startups and social enterprises. This is what they said:
“I think the best term to describe it is a gift, because it really has given us a chance to regroup and be better.”

You can also read more about our backgrounds on the Team page and connect with us on LinkedIn. We’ll be happy to share more stories with you.

Do I need to hire a facilitator?

No. We’re giving you everything you need to successfully run the process collectively, as a team. It doesn’t matter whether you have previous experience facilitating workshops or not, we have you covered. The process is designed to enable everyone, including the team leader, to participate and not get caught up worring about facilitation.

Will it align with my company culture?

Yes. The exercises have been designed to be as neutral as possible and since you’re the one leading the workshops, your own personality and culture will naturally come through.

Does this work for any team size?

We’d recommend keeping the workshops to 2-12 key participants. Your company might be way bigger than this, so it’s about choosing the right people to be in the room and empowering the other leaders in your organisation to run sessions with their own teams.

If you really want to pull a big group together, book a free call with us.

You can read our advice on who to invite in the Free Preview.

When shouldn't I use the Toolkit?

If the relationships in your team are so strained that it’s not possible to have a conversation, you’re better off bringing in a mediator first. The Team Rebuilding Toolkit can still be used as the roadmap for that process, but it will likely need to be adjusted by the mediator.

Equally, it would be best to have an organisational therapist or coach around if you’re dealing with significant psychological trauma.

Can we talk first?

Sure 🙂 Send us a message via the chat, book a free call with us, email us at [email protected], or connect with us directly on LinkedIn. We’d love to help you find the right path for rebuilding your team.

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